Huddle Up Errigal is back bigger and better

Huddle Up Errigal is back bigger and better

Celtic and Donegal have a long history. When a Marist Brother called Walfrid, born Andrew Kerins, left his native Sligo to work among the Irish poor of Glasgow, he realised that something had to be done to alleviate the poverty that many of the emigrants faced.

A large proportion of these had escaped the poverty of rural Donegal.

He moved to Scotland in the 1870s and taught at St. Marys School and the Sacred Heart School where he was appointed headmaster in 1874. He also helped found St Josephs College in Dumfries.

In 1888, he founded Glasgow Celtic Football Club as a means of raising funds for the poor and deprived in the east end of Glasgow.

The rest as they say, is history and a giant of the football world Glasgow Celtic, was born from charitable roots.

Celtic fans in Donegal wish to continue the charitable example of Brother Wilfrid which is why we are holding

Huddle Up Errigal 2017

Celtic and Donegal have a great history and connection but over the years this has waned.

Following on from the great success of Huddle 2016 where we raised €8,500 we are going to bring Celtic fans back to the Gaeltacht again and keep the passion growing for Celtic in the hills of Donegal.

Again our primary aim is to raise money for charity.

What is Huddle up Errigal?

This is a Celtic themed 3 day festival in the Donegal Gaeltacht of Gweedore 1st 2nd and 3rd September 2017.

We have the support of local Councillor John Ferry and see potential to stimulate the local economy, whilst raising money for charity and having a fantastic Celtic themed weekend.

Our selected charities are:

  1. Donegal Cancer Flights
  2. Donegal Downs Syndrome Association / Down’s and Proud
  3. Celtic Foundation

The Schedule for Huddle up Errigal

  • April Celtic Day Dixons pub
  • 25th May Anniversary of winning the Big Cup that killed Rangers Teac Jack
  • Friday 1st  September Huddle Up Errigal cup Carrickboyle
  • Friday 1st  September 9pm  welcome event Teac Jacks Glassagh
  • Saturday 2nd September 12pm Huddle up Errigal
  • Saturday 2nd September 9pm Celtic Dance Teac Jacks with Gary Lawlor and the rebels
  • Sunday 3rd  Celtic Festival in the bars of Gweedore and Falcaragh


This is sure to be a fantastic weekend with something for everyone. From Hill walking, to Celtic songs to traditional Irish music in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht. So make sure you save the date and come along. Register for the weekend here

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